Moves configuration settings from the parent company to its subsidiaries at the click of a button

Built on top of Epicor ERP, the RheinBrücke CCT moves company configuration settings from one company to another, without manual intervention. It accelerates the configuration copying process, reduces errors, and improves compliance by generating accurate reports.

The Epicor–CCT (Copy Company Tool) completes the entire task of configuration migration in an automated (hence error free) environment within few minutes. This unique tool is currently the only such solution available for the Epicor ERP platform.

Configuration settings from the parent company are transferred to the company's subsidiaries at the click of a button

Benefits of RheinBrücke Copy Company Tool (CCT)

Replicating a company’s configuration in a new entity is exhausting as it requires a lot of time and resources, and manual processes are error prone. Configuring the same set up for different companies or implementing the same configuration for different customers can therefore be a daunting task.

RheinBrücke CCT solves this problem by generating a functional document that lists the configurations made in the parent company and based on this functional document RheinBrücke automates the configuration migration process. As the result the subsidiaries get the same configuration settings as the parent company in no time.

Manual Company Cofiguration Migration

( Copy Company Tool )

Time consuming Fast
Error-prone Zero error margin
Cost intensive Cost effective
Inefficient Efficient
Configuration generation is not possible Configuration
generation enabled

Who should consider using this tool?

  • Epicor Implementation Partners or Enterprise Customers of Epicor ERP
  • New enterprise customers who are implementing multi company Epicor ERP Solution
  • Existing and new customers of Epicor ERP who would like to change their configuration settings

Features of RheinBrücke Copy Company Tool(CCT)

  • Hassle free ERP implementation and rollout
  • It is an automated process and eliminates data inconsistencies.
  • Global ERP rollout that saves immense time and effort.
  • Additional configurations can be made in modules without writing functions.
  • Consists of an in-built audit trail that captures all the changes made to the configurations.
  • Deployments ranging from big bang ERP rollouts to phased ERP rollouts.
  • Data is exportable to XML.
  • Applicable across multiple industries.
  • Economical and agile implementation solution.

Some of the master configurations that can be copied to the target companies

  • Currency details
  • Rate types
  • Exchange rates
  • Charts of accounts
  • Books
  • General Ledger
  • Accounting Segments
  • Banking/Cash information
  • Costing Method
  • Asset Management
  • Tax Liability
  • Asset Management
  • Tax Liability
  • Country/Port
  • Warehouse Information
  • Production Related Information
  • Financial/Production Calendar
  • Sales Region/Territory
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Users/Employee/Workforce Information