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RIC – signs up 2 Fortune 100 Global Auto supplier customers

January 2014

TRW Automotive Company Profile Brief:


TRW Automotive is the global leader in automotive safety. Ranked as one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers and one of the top financial performers in the industry, TRW had a sales figure of $17.4 billion in 2013. TRW has gained recognition for the fact that it:

  • Supplies more than 40 major vehicle manufacturers and 250 nameplates

  • Holds a leading position in all of its primary product categories

TRW has the broadest portfolio of active and passive safety technologies of any supplier and produces advanced active systems in braking; steering and suspension; and sophisticated occupant safety systems, including airbags, seat belts and steering wheels. TRW has over 65,000 employees working in more than 185 locations in every vehicle-producing region worldwide.

TRW strongly believes in the principle of ‘Continuous Improvement generates results: competitive advantage, business growth, improved quality, profit/shareholder value and business success.’

The success of TRW is also attributed to certain core values such as:


Helping to protect people: Our sensor, electronic, driver assistance and integrated systems are raising the intelligence of vehicles.


Smart thinking is all about value: TRW is delivering enhanced value to make safety affordable for all – whether that’s through modularity, integration or cost optimization.


Improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions are global targets: Beyond powertrain, TRW offers a range of technologies to meet these goals. Federal Mogul Company Profile Brief:


Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation is an innovative and diversified $6.8 billion global supplier of quality products, trusted brands and creative solutions to manufacturers of automotive, light commercial, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles. Our range of innovative and high quality products cater to a spectrum of industrial verticals like power generation, aerospace, marine, rail and other industries. For more than a century, Federal-Mogul has developed innovative products our customers need to produce the next generation of vehicles.

The Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation operates two business segments; Federal-Mogul Powertrain with a focus on original equipment powertrain products for automotive, heavy-duty and industrial applications; and Federal-Mogul Motorparts, a segment that sells and distributes a broad portfolio of products in the global vehicle aftermarket, while also providing original equipment (OE/OES) manufacturers with vehicle products.