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Kenneth Taormina joins RheinBrücke as the Board Member

May 2017

Kenneth Taormina Board Member of RheinBrücke

Kenneth Taormina

Board Member

RheinBrücke is pleased to announce that Kenneth Taormina has joined as the Board member effective from May 2017. To know more about Kenneth Taormina, Please Visit: https://goo.gl/X9K9Tf

Kenneth Taormina is currently the CEO and CO-Founder of Nablis LLC a U.S. based Management Consulting firm focusing on helping companies excel in their Business Strategy, Human Capital Management and in building the Leadership Culture and Processes to maximize their return on investments. The Nablis team focuses on bringing across industry corporate experience with proven tools and techniques and a vast network of Corporate, Private Equity, Venture Capital experience for moving clients to the next level of performance...Read more